Recapping Valentine’s Day


MCT Campus

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Valentine’s Day is celebrated between many families and friends on February 14 every year. Many buy gifts for their loved ones or pets. 2018 Valentine’s Day will take place on a Wednesday.

It is all about displaying affection to your loved ones. But many companies see Valentine’s Day in a whole different light.

“I like Valentine’s Day, and it honestly does not matter to me how much money companies make,” said Jeicy Hernandez Baquero, 10.

Consumers were projected to spend over $18 billion on their Valentines this year by the National Retail Federation. This includes flowers, other gifts, or attending a dinner or event.

Although $18 billion seems like a lot of money, 2016 consumers spent over $19 billion. So the amount of spending was actually expected to decrease.

Men were projected to spend more money on their gifts than women this year as well, spending nearly $200, while women would spend less than $100. This would follow the trend for 2016 as well.

But, do not leave the gift receiving to just humans.

“I did not get my pets a present this year,” said Hannah Taylor, 10.

Many stated that they were going to purchase something for their furry friend as well.

“I have never gotten my pets a present,” Taylor said.