Boogie brings business to Pelicans


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BOOM! Boogie dominates the paint over in Sacramento. Demarcus Cousins was traded to the Pelicans after the 2017 All-Star game. Cousins will have to work with the other big man, Anthony Davis, another all star.

Mark Huffer, Staff Writer

Sacremento Kings general manager Vlade Divac notified Demarcus Cousins of his decision to trade him to New Orleans during Cousins’ interview after the NBA All-Star game on February 19. Divac claims that this trade was based solely on Cousins’ character and not due to playing style. Cousins was the team’s star player.

Divac has created a bad reputation through this trade through two things: “character matters” in the farewell letter to one of the best players in his franchise’s history and looking for a better trade than the Knicks when the Knicks dropped their offer and Divac settled for the next best thing.

“I think that Divac dug himself into a hole with this trade,” said Christensen Cochran, 10.

Since Cousins is heading to New Orleans, the team known for their Power Forward, this means the Pelicans are going to be powerful down in the paint.

“The Pelicans are going to be pretty good with both Cousins and Anthony Davis as big men,” said Patrick Eigel, 10.

Cousins is a little upset with this trade due to him losing a $30 million dollar deal for $10 million because the Pelicans need to give Davis $20 million. For the most part, Cousins is happy with New Orleans even when he had wished to stay in Sacramento and play for the Kings.

“It must stink for Cousins but hopefully his character won’t be problem there,” said Luke Huffer, 11.