Hailing storm causes hectic


Alejandro Bresolin

HAIL MOTHER NATURE. This is one of the hails from the hailstorm this morning. Many students were hit by the hail but it didn’t cause any severe injuries. The storm lasted very shortly but was a very heavy downpour. “I was inside when [the storm] happened but it was really crazy,” said Grace Creek, 10.

Hannah Lee , Feature Chief

March 1st, Wednesday morning around 7, the Sycamore area was hit by a sudden rain-and-hailstorm. The time coincided with the time when most students arrive at the high school causing many to be stuck in their cars or school busses. Many who decided to run through the storm and head inside came in the school drenched.

“It was really unexpected because it just came and went quickly. But I’m glad no one got hurt driving,” said Hyoungjun (Sam) Lee, 11.

The carpets were covered with little marbles of ice. Several people took off their shoes, it being sopping with water. Others even asked parents to bring them a change of clothes. A few even went home sick because of running in the chilly rain.

“I heard that people were cut on their hands and head from the hail. I was soaking wet from the rain and felt like a wet dog. It definitely wasn’t a great way to start the day,” said Samantha Fernandez, 10.

It even flooded the rooms and hallways of some of the English classrooms making classes have to move to the hub. The English teachers stood out in the hallway with signs saying: “FLOOD GO TO THE HUB.” But this was not the first time it has flooded in the Cincinnati area before.

“So crazy! I can’t believe it got so bad as to flooding the English wing. I love rain, but not that much,” said Jeicy Hernandez Baquero, 10.

But it turns out it was not a simple exciting event on a typical day. The weather was acting especially peculiar, as a tornado swept up from the Ohio River going through a few neighborhoods. Even some students and/or staff members were affected by the tornado, wrecking parts of their homes.

In addition, the fire drill that was planned to take place was cancelled.