SHS dance night away at Odd Couples


McDaniel’s photography

KEEP DANCING. Eleanor Schmid, 12 dances with her dad while Mr. Eddie Clark plays music. “ It was a lot of fun dancing with my dad at Odd couples, and getting to listen to music that is not often heard now days” said Esther Pittinger, 12. Throughout the evening Clark played songs and live music was performed. Students also came and sang in front of their peer throughout the evening.

Sarah Horne, Creative Projects Director

Once a year, students and one of their parents spend an evening together at the Odd Couples dance. They enjoy a dinner together, take photos and dance from six until 10:30.Prior to the dance students create a group of friends and their parents with up to ten people.
They then pick a “table captain” who signs their group up for a dinner table. The group then eats dinner together from seven until eight before the evening dancing. This years theme was “SuperHeroes” and students were encouraged to either dress up for the dance or come in costumes that related to the dance’s theme.
“Odd couples is a fun experience and my favorite part is sharing it with my parents and friends,” said Danielle Pratt, 12.
There were appetizers serves around six and after dinner there were drinks available through the rest of the evening.
“I thought it was a lot of fun and the decorations were great. Plus I always enjoy the band,” said Pratt.
The PTO put this event on and does so annually. In addition to the live music, they set up a photo area where students and their parents could take photos that were related to the dance’s theme.
“As a senior, it was kind of sad but it was fun to compare it to my freshman year and see how long it’s been and how far I’ve come,” said Pratt.
To see a video about a past Odd Couple’s dance click here.