Kong strikes theaters


MCT Campus

ROAR. Kong : Skull Island was about an island that nobody could get to due to constant bad weather. People from the US found an entrance in the weather that let them in the island. They were looking for something a lot different than what they found.

Mark Huffer, Staff Writer

SHS students viewed the new King Kong movie, and the reviews have been both good and bad. Multiple students said the movie was just fine and very creative while others believed that it was very confusing with a hard-to-follow plot.

“I didn’t understand why some people wanted to save King Kong while some others wanted to kill him,” said Luke Huffer, 11.

A reliable and well-known movie review site, Rotten Tomatoes, had given the film an 80 percent rating after its critics saw the film. This movie was also competing with a marvel movie, “Logan,” about the Wolverine, which received a rating of 90 percent by Rotten Tomatoes.

“I normally don’t care what other people have to say about the movie; I just care what I think,” said Jeremy Wittenbaum, 10.

On the upside, many people believed it to be a very interesting movie that held their attention the entire time.

“I liked ‘Kong: Skull Island’. The characters were great and the fight scenes were amazing,” said Patrick Eigel, 10.