March 2017 Staff Editorial: Taking action to combat climate change


Sydney Evans

Moving into the modern era, climate change has become an even more pressing issue. Science’s evolution has allowed us to closely examine the effects of climate change on our world. This issue has even found a way into our politics, with environmental regulation becoming a key issue for many voters.

It is important for each of us to look at our daily lives and think about what we can do to make our world a better place. This was once meant just in the emotional sense, but now we have to deal with the actual physical world.

The scientists have weighed in, and the vast majority of scientists do support the theory of man’s effect on the global climate. The majority also believe that we, as a society, have the power to fight this change through actions that each of us can take on a daily basis.

Climate change may be one of the defining issues of our generation. What we do with the planet we have been given will shape the world, and therefore the people living on it, for a long time even after we are gone. If we refuse to address this issue, we may as well be condemning future generations to deal with the consequences of our un-addressed actions.

It is time we accept the facts as they have been laid out by experts in the field. This issue is real and it is not going away. Pretending that climate change is a small topic, or irrelevant, is a dangerous idea, not for the effect it has on us, but for the effect that it has on future members of society.

From making small changes in your personal life, such as not using straws at restaurants, to actively involving yourself in a large organization, there are ways for everyone to get involved. Depending on your personal passion for the issue, you can choose to involve yourself in a way that matches your life.

We need to take action. Whether it is recycling or just general energy conservation, even the smallest change can make a difference. Then, together we can actually leave the world in a better place, both physically and emotionally.