Biles tangoes to top


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PICTURE PERFECT Simone Biles poses with her dance partner Sasha Farber for “Dancing with the Stars” (DWTS) pictures. Biles is not the first gymnast from her group, the Final Five, to compete in DWTS. Laurie Hernandez, 16, won the mirror ball trophy last year.

The iconic TV show “Dancing with the Stars” is back for season 24. Joining the ranks is gold medalist Simone Biles partnered with Sasha Farber, professional dancer. The couple earned the highest score for the first night, 32 out of 40.

“I am so excited that Simone Biles is on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. She is a great gymnast and has a great personality,” said Molly Hayes, 10.

Not only does Biles have a great personality, she is also an inspiration for other children and teens in the world.

Biles grew up with her three siblings in Columbus, OH. She lived with her mom, Shanon Biles, who is an alcoholic and drug addict. Biles never knew her father since he had left before she was born.

When Biles was three, she and her siblings moved in with her grandfather, step-grandmother, and their two sons after being placed in foster care. The arrangement was only temporary; Biles’ mom still had parental rights over her children.

However, shortly after returning to live with their mother, Biles was placed back with her grandparents because of how severe her mom’s drug use was.

Biles was later adopted along with her little sister, Adria Biles. Her two older brothers went to live with another family member.

“She may have had a tough childhood, but at least she is thriving and happy now,” said Megan Hayes, 10.

Biles may not have had the brightest childhood, but she kept a positive outlook on life and became an inspiration to other children who have been in her shoes.

“I think it is inspiring with how well she has overcome all of the obstacles in her life and still managed to stay positive,” said Elise Mangeot, 10.

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