Latin Club represents at Ohio Junior Classical League


Allyson Bonhaus

PREP TIME. Convention goers practice their spirit chants before boarding the bus on Fri., Feb. 24. Four students from the high school went with 11 junior high students. “By preparing for Certamen, helping with club activities like painting a Lararium, or preparing your dramatic interpretation of a Latin passage for the State competition, Latin Club is a great place to try out new ideas and increase your love for Latin,” Bruner said.

Latin students, especially those in Latin club, work with the ancient language more than just during the week. Ohio Junior Classical League (OJCL) has conventions and other ways to make Latin students in the area a bonded Latin community.

Latin Club’s very own club co-president, sophomore Grant Bruner, was elected the state treasurer of OJCL. He deals with the finances and spirit conduct of the Ohio section of the National Junior Classical League (NJCL).

“Each year, each state that attends convention competes to be crowned the ‘Most Spirited.’ The Treasurer leads his/her delegation to this goal by organizing uniforms, chants, and all the props in order to reach this lofty goal,” Bruner said.

This experience of being elected during OJCL has made Bruner more spirited and encouraged to bring more in Latin events. The upcoming NJCL date has Bruner trying to get students more involved and excited for the convention.

“I hope to keep our school club more informed about events happening at the state level. Also, I plan to attend more local events and encourage a love for and commitment to OJCL at Sycamore,” Bruner said.

Bruner is determined to represent SHS and Ohio well at NJCL, which takes place this July. As well as meeting up with other Cincinnati Latin Clubs, this year, students are set to make their club even stronger and more spirited. Many students at the Junior High are increasingly involved in OJCL and other Latin Club events.

“At NJCL, my mission is to lead the most spirited, most fun delegation. I’ve already received the list of spirit themes from NJCL and have started thinking of some ideas. With themes like ‘Paint the World Purple and Gold’ and ‘Sweet Home JCL,’ we have lots to work with,” Bruner said.

Now the pressure is on students to get ready to show off their Latin Club skills, preparing through quiz games called Certamen and fun events at the weekly club. It meets every Friday in the room of Mr. Sean Minion, the Latin Club sponsor who has traveled to OJCL and other events with the energetic Latin students.

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