‘Kicking bad cells out’

Grace Ingle battles thyroid cancer

You can find sophomore Grace Ingle around school dancing, singing, and having a good time with her friends. Outside of school, you can find her playing basketball with her brothers and going to church.

Ingle remains happy and energetic despite her recent ongoing battle with thyroid cancer.

She is keeping up the fight and is focused on “kick[ing] the bad cells out!” In Ingle’s honor, her siblings made a shirt with Grace’s saying on the back. The shirts can be purchased directly from the Ingle family.

Ingle knows she has bad cells and is fighting to get them out of her body. But, while focused on her battle, she is still able to have a good time.

“To stay happy, I like to eat brownies and be with my friends, like Lydia Taylor,” Ingle said.

With everyone rooting for her, Ingle knows she can overcome the obstacle she is facing.

The family has received support throughout the community. The church Ingle attends, Montgomery Community Church (MCC), prayed for her before a Sunday service in the student center.

Ingle attends MCC regularly, which is another source of happiness for her.

“I go to church on Sunday and Wednesday,” Ingle said.

When asking Ingle if she could say one thing to the entire student body, her answer was clear and powerful.

“I’m going to do it, and I’m going to get through,” Ingle said.

SNUGGLE. Sophomore Grace Ingle snuggles with a furry friend on the couch. Ingle is wearing the shirt her siblings made for her, blue with white text. Students who purchased the shirt wore them as a group on a Monday in April.
SUPPORT. Ingle poses with senior Mason Taylor, star in SHS’ production of “Big Fish.” Lydia Taylor, mentioned in the article, is Mason’s younger sister. Ingle continues her fight with the community’s support.