Coaches Classic flies to end


McDaniel's Photography

VICTORY! The Sycamore Varsity A tennis team has beaten Mason again. Sycamore had three champions out of the five possible champions. This victory has given the varsity team a boost in confidence, and it looks forward to maintaining its success.

As the intense competition comes to an end, the Sycamore boy’s varsity tennis team came out on top against Mason, who finished as the runner-up.

“Although we did not play, the match was so fun to watch. That was some of the best I have seen those two play all season,” said Jack Loon, 12.

As the weekend of Coaches Classic wound down, there was one last match that needs to finish: the match between both Sycamore and Mason’s two doubles.

Playing for Sycamore was Nikhil Sekar, 11, and Varun Kalaiarasan, 12, and for Mason was Shashank Singuri and Pranav Viswanathan.

Sycamore and Mason were tied at this point with a team score of 2-2; whoever won the doubles match would be the clinching match for the coaches classic title.

The match was very tight; both teams have won a set, and the match was to be determined by a ten-point tiebreak.

Sycamore won 6-1, 2-6, 10-8.

“The match was extremely tight; it was intense and so much fun. Varun led us to victory by playing some very clutch tennis at the end,” Sekar said.

Sycamore pulled off victory with Mason coming in second and St. Xavier placing third in the tournament.