Baker bakes way to future


Holly Baker

TIME FOR DINNER. For dinner, Baker makes a Tikka Masala with vegetables in it. Cooking excellent meals is not a rarity for Baker, as she loves to cook often. This hobby has become what she hopes to pursue as a career.

Varying clubs, hobbies, and talents help create the diverse atmosphere of SHS. Every student has unique passion, with different paths they wish to pursue.

Pursuing a unique passion, junior Holly May Baker hopes to open her own bakery.

Whether inside or outside of school, Baker can always be found in the kitchen.

Being creative and trying new recipes is always on the menu for Baker.

“I’m all about those exotic spices and heavy flavors. I love spicy food, and I try to make each dish taste a little different,” Baker said.

Not only is cooking a passion for Baker, it is also a hobby and a way to relax.

“I also played around with risotto for a while and that’s always a nice way to relax and cook. I like making Indian and Chinese food,” Baker said.

After graduating from high school, Baker aspires to attend The Ohio State University or another school in Columbus and attend culinary school there.

Looking further ahead, Baker hopes to become a pastry chef and open her own bakery.

For Baker, an interest grew into a passion, and a passion grew into hopes and dreams.

Holly Baker
GOODBYE. After this school year, Baker’s family is moving to Vermont. But, she is trying to graduate early to be able to keep her residency here. Afterwards, she plans on going to culinary school after a half year off.