Band balances out


Terry Ekstedt

TOGETHER. Before performing their show Libra, the marching band enjoys a picnic. The band has yet to have their first competition but will Sat Sept. 9. The competition will be held at Kings High School and Libra will be shown around 9:00 pm.

After practicing for countless hours, the marching band is preparing for its first competition. The competition will take place at Kings High School, and SHS’s marching band will perform around 9:00 p.m. The theme is Libra; it focuses specifically on balance but includes a space aesthetic.

“I am super excited for our first competition. I have a feeling that we will do well,” said Katherine Shi,10.

Compared to last year, the marching band has grown in size. Last year, the group competed in class AAAA. This year, due to the number of members, they are competing in open class.

This means that the band went from one of the bigger groups in their class to now one of the smallest. Hopefully this will not be too much of an issue, but if it is the group will work their hardest to overcome it.

“This competition will be amazing; I’m ready to see all of our hard work pay off on the field,” said Lydia Cooke, 11.

The performance will not be the group’s first time performing the first full movement and the beginning of the second; because they will be performing at halftime during Sept. 8’s football game against Mason, Sat. 9 will still be their first competition, which is exciting on its own.

“I have worked extremely hard for the first and second movement, and I know everyone else has as well. I feel like this competition will feel really rewarding,” said Sophia Taylor, 10.

Currently the team is working on balancing the visual aspect of the show with the auditory. It is trying to make it so that the music and what occurs on the field is in sync and has an impact.