SHS says ‘hola’ to culture


Harsitha Kalaiarasan

WHERE IT HAPPENS. Spanish Club meetings will now take place in Mrs. Kate Korchok’s room in the language hallway. This will be the place where a lot of learning and activities will take place. The club is run by junior Kyra Fales.

Harsitha Kalaiarasan, Staff Writer

As the school year starts up slowly, every student, no matter their grade, steps into unknown territory. Stress piles on early as do the syllabuses handed out seemingly in every class.

Following the introductory week and a half, signs and posters advertising clubs take over bare walls and bathroom stalls. Instead of asking for directions to classes, students start focusing on getting involved.

Whether the involvement includes tacos and sombreros is up to personal preference, but if that is the appeal, Spanish Club is eager to set its feet into new territory.

This year, junior Kyra Fales is in charge of the club and hopes to make it as enjoyable as possible for newcomers and returning members alike.

“Spanish Club is a great way to interact with a different culture outside of a classroom setting while having fun and helping others,” Fales said.

The enticing part of this club is that no prior knowledge is required, just an open and positive attitude towards learning.

Fales also hints at new opportunities as the club tries to expand its horizons.

“This year we are working with Operation Give Back to help students find volunteering opportunities and help the community,” Fales said.

Many kids at SHS are pressed for time after school, but Spanish Club only meets once every month, with additional activities to participate in if chosen. Considering these things, the club is a pick-and-choose adventure.

When asked to explain the end goal of Spanish club, Fales’s response is optimistic.

“A main goal is to increase interest in the Spanish language and for people to continue Spanish outside the classroom,” Fales said.

Being a part of Spanish Club is an opportunity to never say ‘adios’ to the language and explore a wonderful culture alongside your friends.

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