Farming season ends


MCT Campus

FRESH. Offering fruits and vegetables at the famers’ market every Wednesday is a huge score in drawing in costumers. Enjoy the last session on October 4. Be sure to be checking updates for the Blue Ash Farmers’ Market to make sure you know when fresh produce is easy to find again.

The Blue Ash Farmers’ Market is coming to a close on Oct. 4 after another summer at Summit Park.

With the help of the directors bringing back previous vendors and new vendors, the market is a great way for family owned businesses to get the word out and draw people into the products that they sell and offer.

“I think that the Blue Ash Farmers’ Market at Summit Park is a great source of income as well as advertisement for their business while helping others participate in the community events,” said Benjamin Margolis, 9.

Having 13 different vendors with multiple genres of goods, there is always something  for everyone of all ages to enjoy.

“It is a little pricey, but you get premium produce that is grown locally. You are not only eating chemical-free produce but also supporting local farmers and your community,” said Bawitha Ceu, 11.

According to, “The Farmers’ Market will offer sustainably-grown foods and goods for sale from local vendors. Each week will also bring a mix of fun and entertainment to the market with music, guest vendors, free demos, and classes.”

With a vast variety of items, events, and food, watching the farmers’ market close for the fall and winter season will be disappointing.

Hopefully, the success of the Blue Ash Farmers’ Market from the 2017 season will draw more locals to visit Summit Park throughout the fall and the winter and make their way back for the farmers’ market in the spring.

“I really enjoy walking around the market and seeing what there is to offer, and I am sad it is ending for the season,” said Kaylnn Delorenze, 11.