Student promotes healthy options


Christine Zou

COOK. Junior Christine Zou tries out a recipe she may end up using in her new club, Colorful Eats. “I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for food with others who also love food but also to show that vegan food tastes just as good,” Zou said.

Every year new clubs are created by students as a way to have fun after school. Most do not focus on being healthy (like Buffet Club) or preparing for life skills. However, Colorful Eats Club has both aspects.

The president, junior Christine Zou, wanted a club/area where allergies were no longer issues and people do not have to be worried that they cannot join a club because they cannot eat there. Everything made in the club will be vegan.

“I think a big factor into people’s hesitation [about] becoming vegan is that they won’t ever have good food again, so I want to show that you can have good food and be vegan, too,” Zou said.

Zou has been vegan since freshman year due to her love of animals. That year, she did her PSA on how animals are treated before being sold, so she wanted a club to promote how being vegan is good for you and animals.

“I became vegan mainly because the issue of animal cruelty was introduced to me, and after learning about the industry, I chose not to eat any more animal products. I think a lot of people don’t actually understand how bad the treatment of farm animals actually is,” Zou said.

I want to show that you can have good food and be vegan, too.”

— Christine Zou, 11

The club will meet monthly with a 30 person cap for each meeting due to limited space in the Foods room. Each month will alternate between baking and cooking, and participants will sign up and vote for the food they want to make.

“I think at some point or another you’ll have to cook for yourself, and it’s definitely a process. But eventually you start to develop your own method of cooking, and everything tastes better when you make it and it actually works,” Zou said.

The first meeting is Oct. 26 with choices on different cookies everyone wants to make. This is the first year of the club, which Zou is trying to make open to anyone to come whether they have dairy issues or are gluten free.

For more information on the club, click here.