Students figure out fencing


Lindsey Brinkman

FENCE. Fencing Club works on becoming better fencers. The group meets every Wednesday and Friday. During its practice, the group works hard so that they can be ready for competitions.

Being early in the season, the fencing team is still working on learning the basics and bettering their skills. The group meets twice a week right after school until 4:00 p.m.

Last year, the group consisted of many seniors, which raised some concern as to who would be on the four teams. However, many beginners joined and are working really hard to get caught up.

Each practice, the fencers start with warming up their feet. This consists of either the coach Mr. Ronald Hochstrasser or one of the more experienced fencers leading the group.

After warming themselves up, they split up between the two types of weapons: foil and saber. From there, they work together to better their skills and their understanding of the activity.

Currently, the group is working on parrying and riposting, which is very necessary in scoring points during a bout, the name of a single fencing round.

Once the group gets better and quicker, it will work on new techniques that will allow the group to have more of a chance to win at competitions.

Fencing Club will soon have competitions, but for now they will just be practicing. Once they have competitions, they will just practice on Wednesdays and compete on Fridays.