Winter guard works together


Lindsey Brinkman

PRACTICE. Even if the weather is not bright and shiny, the Winter Guard still practices and performs to its best ability. On Mon., Jan. 8, the group met despite having the day off because of a snow day. It is currently working hard to prepare for its first competition.

Even though the weather might be below freezing the Winter Guard is still working up a sweat.

On Mon., Jan. 8, despite school being cancelled, the group still met up to have its bi-weekly practice.

“I’m really excited for our first competition because this will be different than anything we have done,” said Katherine Shi, 10.

As stated, the group meets twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The group rehearses at the Greene School. Three hours may seem like a long time, but between the group setting up, stretching, learning, revising, and then cleaning up, the time goes quickly.

“Even though we haven’t learned all of the show, we are still working hard to be the best we can,” said Abigail Motley, 10.

Unlike in the fall season, the Winter Guard show is much shorter. During the regular marching band season, a full show can last as long as ten minutes. The Winter Guard show will only be as long as three to four minutes: the length of a regular song.

“It’s nice having a smaller guard because it gives everyone the option to perform and be the spotlight at some point,” said Jaquelynn McGraw, 10.

The small group will have their first competition on Sat., Jan. 27. It is working hard to get as much as it can done with its show.