‘The Hate U Give’ changes perspectives


Maya Goldenberg

“The Hate U Give” was a #1 New York Times best-selling novel. It has been on the list for 44 weeks. John Green, the author of “The Fault in Our Stars,” describes the novel as “stunning, brilliant, [and] gut-wrenching… a classic of our time.”

How often does a book change your perspective? ‘The Hate You Give’(THUG) by Angie Thomas has the ability to do that.

This powerful novel centers on the strong, brave, and black 16-year-old Starr Carter. One night, Starr and Khalil (Starr’s childhood best friend) are at a party. They flee to his car after hearing a gunshot.

Then, while driving, a police officer pulls the two over and murders Khalil. Khalil’s murder is a racial injustice and prompts an internal battle within Carter- should she stay quiet and safe?

Or should she speak out and try to help her friend get the justice he deserves?

THUG’s plot is incredibly interesting and keeps the reader’s attention. The main characters are very well-developed and relatable. Depth in this novel is abundant; however, the reason I recommend this book is because it changed my perspective.

Thomas gives the reader a complete view of how police violence against the black community affects individuals- how it breaks people’s hearts, and unrightfully ends lives much too early.

Thomas provides many poignant examples of the further injustices that follow murders similar to that of Khalil- like how the questions cops ask Starr during their investigation seem to be focused on justifying the cop’s actions.

This book has the power to make all of its readers want to stand up for the inequality which the black community is facing.