U4U searches for sponsors


Makayla Stover

Senior Makayla Stover smiles for a picture with Ugandan children. Stover had the opportunity to go on a trip to Uganda. These children are part of the community of several Uganda children Unified for Uganda helps.

SHS is blessed to have over 50 organizations and clubs running that benefit and help others. One such organization is the Unified for Uganda Club (U4U). The chapter at U4U works strenuously to help a child or children in Uganda get their essential food and education.

During their current meeting, club president and senior Makayla Stover shared with members that sponsors are highly needed to fund them. Members were also encouraged to fund a child if they could and wanted to, and the club set a goal to fund at least one child this year.

Sponsoring a child for a year costs about $300 and can be paid for by one person or several. The sponsor money will cover one meal a day, tuition for the child to attend school as well as a room and board, clothes and uniforms, shoes, emergency supplies, and a mentor.

Members of U4U were planning on going around during Aviator bell to notify teachers and students about this opportunity and request for sponsors. All checks should be signed out to Unified for Uganda.

“The goal of sponsorship is to financially and emotionally support destitute children in Uganda,” said Noa Atkins, 12.

However, these class visitations were cancelled due to a permission conflict.

A new fundraiser idea or altered arrangement to have fundraising outside of Aviator bell is being awaited.

“I think it’s a great idea to sponsor a kid who needs education. Everyone needs an education,” said Youngbin Lee, 11.

In addition, the meeting room has changed to room 137.

For more information, or if you would like to join the club, start by signing up for the U4U remind to the number 81010 text @shsu4u.