Final count arrives from Live for Liz


McDaniel's Photography

FIGHTING FOR A CURE. This was the second annual Live for Liz game. Last year. the game took place at Mason. For the same event last year, t-shirts supporting the game were sold at lunch. This is the first year SHS has hosted the event.

The Live for Liz game that took place on Jan. 10 was a huge success. Although the Lady Aves lost, Mason and SHS were able to raise $1,585 for CancerFree KIDS.

“I am so glad that they made over $1,500,” said Hannah Taylor, 11.

Mason and SHS both have connections to the Lothrops: Mr. Randy Lothrop is a SHS math teacher, and his daughter Liz Lothrop attended Mason.

One way the event raised money was by selling shirts.

“I did not go to the game but I did buy the shirt [last year],” Taylor said.

All proceeds of the event go to CancerFree KIDS.

“When I bought the shirt, I knew it was for a good cause,” Taylor said.

CancerFree KIDS is a local non-profit with a goal of funding childhood cancer research in hopes of a cure. Since the organization began, they have funded approximately 97 research projects, which totals to almost three million dollars.

SHS and Mason not only came together to raise funds for CancerFree KIDS but also to show support for the Lothrop family as well.