Sycamore closes schools due to president’s visit

Due to President Donald Trump‘s visit to Blue Ash on Mon., Feb. 5, the Sycamore Community Schools District will be closed that day. There will be no school for students though staff is currently expected to report at normal start times.

Local authorities have warned that Trump’s visit to the Sheffer Corporation on Cornell Road will cause major disruptions on local roads, affecting school transportation services and students driving to school throughout the day.

Road closures cannot be predicted due to the security arrangements surrounding the president’s visit. The Secret Service and local authorities will begin setting up soft road closures in the surrounding area, particularly Cornell Road, in the morning, switching to hard lockdowns in the early afternoon.

There is currently no information on the exact time the affected roads will be opened.

These road closures in Blue Ash, Montgomery, and Symmes Township will make it extremely difficult for students to get in or out of school, especially SHS, where all entrances and exit points will be blocked.

District administrators originally had considered a two hour early dismissal, but the lack of knowledge and “uncertainty of the timing, routes, and closures made that option impractical,” according to Sycamore Community Schools.

If Trump’s visit is canceled with enough notice, the district will revert back to its normal school day schedule. Be sure to monitor any communications from the district as it will send out notifications to update you of any chances by Sunday evening.