Trump speaks about tax overhaul, opioid crisis, midterm elections in meeting with local Sheffer Corp.


Harsimran Makkad

ONE TEAM. President Donald Trump speaks about his tax plan and the benefits that families and individuals will receive from it at the Sheffer Corp. on Mon., Feb. 5. He claims that the families in Ohio will see a tax cut of more than $8 billion in just this year, focusing on how workers in particular will reap the benefits. “We are one team, one people, one family saluting one country,” Trump said, when talking about the workers and families in the crowd.

  “America is once again open for business,” said President Donald Trump.

  On Mon., Feb. 5, Trump came to the Sheffer Corp. in Blue Ash to boost his tax overhaul amidst a group of working class supporters.

  He spoke about how factories were coming back to the country, and Ohio in particular, focusing on the number of jobs that have and will be created as a result.

  According to Trump, about 2.6 million more jobs have been added since the 2016 election, with nearly 200,000 in manufacturing.

  “We can finally say the four magic words again: ‘Made in the USA,’” Trump said.

  Trump praised the tax bill for increasing wages, eliminating the individual mandate, and doubling child tax credits. He had pushed for the bill to be written and passed prior to the end of 2017 in order to fulfill his campaign promise: a Christmas gift of tax cuts.

  He claims that the tax cuts will increase jobs and investment, citing Apple’s multi-billion dollar investment and the $1000 tax cut bonuses at Sheffer as evidence.

  Prominent people from Sheffer Corp., Fifth Third Bank, Jergens, and e-Cycle supported Trump and spoke about how beneficial the tax plan would be for them and their workers.

  “The government won’t be spending your money for you,” Trump said.

Children are being decimated.”

— President Donald Trump

  Beyond the tax bill, Trump took the time to talk about the opioid epidemic that currently afflicts the area.

  “Children are being decimated,” Trump said.

  He spoke about how the government needs to stop drugs from coming over the border, to which people in the crowd began chanting “Build a wall. Build a wall.”

  “We have to get really, really tough with drug pushers and drug dealers,” Trump said.

 He mentioned how his wife, first lady Melania Trump, along with Mrs. Jane Portman, wife of Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman, was meeting with prominent doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, discussing with them about how the government could help save the lives of children born addicted to opioids.

  Trump also used this time as an opportunity to promote his agenda for getting ready for the midterm elections.

  He encouraged the crowd to vote in November for those who would fight for the forgotten man, for those such as Jim Renacci, the current Ohio Republican representative from the 16th congressional district who is running for Senator Sherrod Brown’s position.

  “Senator Brown voted against you,” Trump said.

  He went on to say that he is confident that the Republicans will win in this year’s midterm election as well as in the  2020 presidential one and he is looking forward to running against the Democrats, particularly House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Shumer.

  “Pelosi and Schumer have gone really far left and want to raise everyone’s taxes…They would rather see Trump do badly than the country do well,” Trump said.