Model UN thrives in Chicago



BEAN THERE, DONE THAT Boys on the trip marvel at the enormity of the famed Millenium Park Bean before attending the conference later that day. For many of the club’s five seniors, it was their final opportunity to do Model UN as a high school student. “Chicago was a nice break from school, and I was able to get a unique educational experience. I formed connections with lots of people and also got to check out the city,” said Nikhil Sekar, 12.

On Feb. 4, Model United Nations (UN) returned from their snowy Chicago trip filled with fond memories and academic redemption.

The last time the club participated in the University of Chicago’s high school conference, things did not go so smoothly. Misbehaving students’ actions from two years ago deterred the school from allowing the group to participate in the conference last year.

This time around, however, club adviser Mr. Greg Cole chose a more manageable total of ten eager students to go on the trip, a distinctly smaller number in comparison to the last trip.

Club members not only practiced their diplomatic skills on a large scale, but they also formed bonds and were allotted time to explore the city.

The ten students all represented the small African nation of Cape Verde at the conference. Mr. Brian Fallon also supervised the trip alongside Cole.

Senior Rishav Dasgupta, co-president of the club, provided assistance in planning the trip, from the hotel rooms to assigning committees to each individual SHS representative.

“I’m truly glad that Model UN was given the opportunity to take an out-of-state trip with the school this year. It provided a riveting new experience for lots our students,” Dasgupta said.