DeRay Mckesson


Tribune News Service

PARTICIPATE. DeRay Mckesson is a part of multiple activist associations. He not only works to get attention for the Black Lives Matter and Campaign Zero, but he is also a part of the LGBT community and has spoken at the GLAAD Gala. He urges people to speak up and out and to expresss themselves.

DeRay Mckesson is known for his involvement in both the Black Lives Matter campaign and Campaign Zero, for which he is one of the founders. Campaign Zero works to expose the unjust police violence, especially towards people of color.

The former elementary school teacher became interested in the government and social justice at an early age. He was the president of his school’s student government, and was later a human resources official of Minneapolis Public Schools.

Mckesson has participated in multiple protests and rallies such as the Ferguson, Missouri and Charleston, South Carolina protests. He has published several articles in the “Huffington Post,” “The Guardian,” and was the founder and Co-editor of the “Ferguson Protester Newsletter.”

Using these articles, along with other alternative forms of social media such as Instagram and Twitter, Mckesson has become one of the most influential activists of these campaigns, spreading his ideas to people all around the world.