Sabrina Pasterski


Tribune News Service

EXPLORE. Sabrina Pasterski’s work in quantum gravity seeks to explain gravity in context of quantum mechanics. Her studies delve into some of the most complex areas of physics. “Physics itself is exciting enough. It’s not like a 9-to-5 thing. When you’re tired you sleep, and when you’re not, you do physics,” Pasterski said.

Sabrina Pasterski, or as Harvard calls her, the “next Einstein,” is a 24- year- old who have been offered jobs multiple jobs from Amazon to NASA.
She has won the Inaugural MIT Freshman Entrepreneurship Award, as she is a top MIT graduate (she received a 5.0, the highest GPA possible). Pasterski also a Ph.D. student at Harvard University.
At 14 years old she built a single-engine plane for her father. Now, Forbes has named her one of the 30 under 30 All Star list.
A first generation Cuban-American and graduate from Chicago Public Schools, Pasterski has taken the physics world by storm. She studies black holes, the nature of gravity, and space time. Pasterski spends much time on her work on quantum gravity.
Even Stephen Hawking has quoted her in his own papers. Her first paper was accepted within 24 hours of its submission.
“Be optimistic about what you believe you can do. When you’re little, you say a lot of things about what you’ll do or be when you’re older—I think it’s important not to lose sight of those dreams.”