Linya Guo, 10

“I first started calligraphy less than a year ago, around last summer. I always loved cursive and pretty fonts and was told that I had a very neat handwriting. But this wasn’t the main reason why I got into calligraphy; it was actually because of Instagram videos. I would see calligraphy videos on my feed, and they were so satisfying and mesmerizing to watch.

“So I decided to try it out myself. In the beginning, I wouldn’t say I was bad, mostly because I did art (oil painting and sketching), but I definitely got way better. I got better mostly by practicing during school. [I would doodle] on the margins of my math notes or hand/arm when I didn’t have paper around. It definitely helps me relax nowadays because of how satisfying it is.

“I’ve come to like it so much that I even started a calligraphy club! I want to help others learn a skill while having fun and relieving the stress from school, homework, etc.”