Juniors tackle ACT


Jessica Lu

TESTING, TESTING. The junior class will be taking the ACT on Tues., Feb. 27 for free. To prepare students for the test, Aviator Bell teachers encouraged their students to complete practice problems. For the students who have not yet filled out the registration, juniors can go to the Counseling Center and ask to see Ms. Vollman.

All juniors will be taking an official ACT at school on Tues., Feb. 27. Juniors, having already filled out the registration in their Aviator Bells, will take the test upon arriving in the morning and then can leave school after the test is over.

Already, the junior class is no stranger to ACT testing. Last year, the present junior class, as sophomores, was the first class to take the PreACT, which is a preliminary test modeled after the real ACT.

In addition, earlier in the year, the junior class had taken a practice ACT in a mock testing environment sponsored by TorchPrep, a tutoring agency that helps students improve their ACT scores.

“I think all the preparation has helped me focus on what areas I need to work on,” said Neha Sunil, 11.

With SHS distributing the ACT, students can take the test at a convenient location at virtually no cost compared to if they were to take it independently somewhere else.

“It’s really nice that we can take it here for free,” said Caleb Geiger, 11.

Regarding the juniors themselves, the level of nervousness seems to vary.

“I think our teachers have prepared us well for this. I feel pretty confident,” said Andrew Liff, 11.