Michelle Obama


Tribune News Service

FIRST LADY. Michelle Obama speaks with customers at subway. As a part of her Let’s Move campaign Michelle worked to promote healthier eating choices. To this end, she partnered with many businesses including Subway.

For the first few weeks following the inauguration of the new president, little was heard from Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States and wife to former President Barack Obama. After leaving the White House, the Obamas went on an international trip, visiting the British Virgin Islands, French Polynesia, Italy, and Indonesia.
Her first public appearance following the inauguration was on International Women’s Day, Feb. 28, where she visited Ballou STAY High School in Washington, D.C.
The visit was a surprise for 14 students who spent the afternoon discussing their goals and aspirations with Obama. Obama’s dedication to empowering young people has been one of the main pillars that she tried to promote in her time in the White House.
“Always love visiting DC schools. Thank you for hosting me today @BallouSTAY. Stories of students #reachinghigher continue to inspire me,” Obama tweeted after the event.
Obama has continued to uphold the traditions and movements she began in her time as the first lady. One is returning to Chicago, her birthplace, to be a part of the MTV’s 2017 College Signing Day.
During the event in May, students were called up to speak about their plans for the upcoming years.
Furthermore, Obama has continued her work to empower not only young people but also women. In July, she attended the thirtieth-anniversary dinner for the Women’s Foundation of Colorado in Denver.
She continued this trend when, in October, she spoke with television producer Shonda Rhimes during the Pennsylvania Conference for Women.
Another one of her well-known campaigns as the first lady, the “Let’s Move” campaign, is still a part of her life today.
In May, she also attended the annual Partnership for a Healthier America Summit in Washington, D.C. During this event, she made mention of the Trump administration and those still following her and her husband saying, “We’re not gone. We’re just breathing, y’all.”