Student organizations put ‘fun’ in ‘fundraising’


Sia Sindhwani

STICKER SISTERS. HCC held a meeting on Mon., Mar. 5 in order to prepare for their fundraising event. Members, some of whom will be volunteering at the lunch fundraiser, helped to cut out the stickers and paint advertising banners.

The week of Mar. 12 will bring multiple opportunities for students to take advantage of during their lunch periods. On this occasion, said opportunities will come in the form of unique, incentivized fundraisers.

Student Council will be holding their annual cactus sale. Organized by Student Council’s junior class representatives, this fundraiser is intended to raise money for the 2019 prom. Each cactus plant sells for five dollars.

“The student body really enjoys unique fundraisers, so we sell cacti so they have something cool to hold onto,” said Peyton Gilhart, 11, Student Council member.

On another front, Homeless Care Club (HCC), a student organization distributing menstrual products to people experiencing homelessness in Cincinnati, will also be hosting a donation drive. Students can contribute money that will be used directly to purchase products for donation.

“The fundraiser next week is going to be a great way for students to get involved with Homeless Care Club and learn more about what we’re doing.

“Even the smallest contribution can make a difference in someone’s life, and I’m excited to see how Sycamore can rise up to the challenge of supporting those in need,” said Caroline Skwara, 10, HCC co-president.

Students who donate two dollars or more will each receive one of HCC’s official stickers, which Skwara hand-designed and illustrated.

“I think people should donate to this cause because most women go through [menstruation]…

“Just because some people have money and some don’t doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to the things they need in order to maintain their general hygiene,” said Sia Sindhwani, 9, HCC member.