March 2018 Staff Editorial: Making your voice heard


Sydney Evans

LOUDER THAN WORDS. Recent events have spurred students across the country to take matters into their own hands. Whatever the issue, young people have more resources than ever to make their voices heard. From raising money to organizing events, actions, more than just words, are what make change.

“You are too young to understand.” “Let the grown ups deal with it.” We have all heard these lines before. Essentially, they communicate that the “real world” is too complicated, our perspectives too limited, and the problems too complex for kids.

When it comes to modern social or political issues, maybe they are right. Or, maybe it is time for students to show them what we believe in and just what we are capable of.

Activism does not have to be political nor necessarily controversial. Activism is about refusing to be satisfied with the status quo and being determined to do something about it.

The causes you could champion are practically endless. Horrified by mass shootings? Concerned about civil rights and liberties at home or around the globe?

Determined to end hunger? Create world peace? The solutions will always seem impossible if no one fights for them.

We believe that this is not a matter of ideology or affiliation but one of determination. It is too easy to grow frustrated in the face of inaction, then passive from that frustration. It is much harder to get educated and motivated, but we owe it to ourselves and to society to contribute our voices and talents to meaningful causes.

Students here are traveling to Washington, speaking with legislators, forming clubs, raising thousands of dollars, and driving innovative campaigns.

Now more than ever, just being a kid is no longer an excuse. We may not know what we “want to do when we grow up,” but we can choose what we are going to do right here, right now.

With unprecedented access and influence with social media, every person has the chance to make their voices heard. The world is quite literally at our fingertips.

What are you going to do with it?