Undocumented immigrants live in horrific reality

As average U.S. citizens, we constantly hear from our government about the undocumented immigrants that hide within our country. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), associated with the government, arrest these individuals under any circumstance.

Recently, the Trump Administration has been cracking down on U.S. immigration. Finding ways to discover as many of these individuals as possible, ICE captures and abuses thousands of immigrants daily; many of whom have not even committed a crime.

However, the unfortunate truth behind the fate of these people remains a secret from the typical United States citizens. The truth is: ICE immediately sends the immigrant to a facility where they are kept until given a trial to prove their case.

But what really goes on inside immigration detention centers? Many undocumented immigrants are being held in horrific conditions, worse than you could ever envision.

Some may believe immigrants deserve to be punished for illegally residing in the United States. If you are one of these people… think again.

The only thing these immigrants yearn for is a safe life in a free country. Instead, the undocumented are captured by ICE and confined into a facility, hidden within the U.S., unsure of what their future holds.

Evidently, they are forced into a horror just as awful, if not worse, as the life they fled to cross the border previously. But exactly who are these humans that are being thrown into jail?

Visualize young, helpless children as they sleep under aluminum foil blankets to find warmth.”

Completely innocent people.

Any person illegally residing in the U.S. may be caught at any moment. As innocent immigrants are held in facilities, the government sits back and watches them being tortured. But that is not even the worst part.

As a U.S. citizen, you cannot fully comprehend the terrible conditions inside these detention centers.

Close to 35,000 immigrants a day are locked in jail cells while being forced to eat inedible food. Visualize young, helpless children as they sleep under aluminum foil blankets to find warmth.

The Washington Post spoke to many detainees and concluded that there are victims of rape and assault, major lack of medical care, moldy food, and unsanitary conditions inside these prisons.

Imagine living a real-life nightmare and being so desperate to escape the cruel conditions you are living in. These situations are so dire, and many individuals are drastically impacted; consequently, many immigrants have turned to committing suicide as an escape.

Once a man held in a facility was in excruciating pain. They gave him Advil, and after he was released, he was diagnosed with cancer. In the end, who needs medical care and clean water anyway?

…you have the ability to save innocent people from living their life in fear.”

Not only that, but members of ICE refer to these people as “illegal aliens.” As a citizen, we should be embarrassed that our government workers are representing America in this way. No one should be called an “alien” just because they are not from the United States.

Fortunately, an organization called CIVIC is currently fighting to end the isolation of these suffering people. The board of directors in charge of this organization is primarily composed of professors and attorneys specializing in immigration law.

CIVIC has created an amazing program, illustrating love to the unfortunate lives within the detention centers. And what better way to illustrate love than through thoughtful letters?

As a supporter, it is possible to become a pen-pal and write to the immigrants who are locked up for several hours at a time. Receiving a wonderful note may comfort them and give hope that they have a future beyond the detention walls.

Overall, the amount of detention centers continue to increase, and ICE is detaining more and more undocumented immigrants each day. The acts of brutality toward these individuals is repulsive thanks to the government.

Donating to CIVIC will help support fair trials and this charity aids the lives in harm, and you can start by taking action today!

Through one of the many programs that CIVIC has to offer, you can become a pen-pal and help an immigrant that is less fortunate than you. By donating, becoming a pen-pal, or even spreading awareness, you have the ability to save innocent people from living their life in fear.

Visit endisolation.org and take action today.