Diversity Week celebrates religion

On Wed. March 20, SHS celebrated Religion as part of the Diversity Week. Three religions were represented in the commons to share their foods and culture. They were Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The Jewish Student Union prepared an assortment of Jewish foods as well as games for the chance to win a t-shirt. The Jewish Student Union is a new club at this year; it was made in fall of this school year.

Christian students also performed modern religious music, singing and playing the guitar.

The Islam side also had food prepared in small cups for students to try new foods and be immersed in the culture. There was a meat-filled baked dish, some dessert treats, and more.

The Jewish students even put on some music to dance to. Jewish and non-Jewish students stood up for several Jewish traditional dances. At one point, a student was even lifted on a chair like they do in Jewish bat-mitzvah.