Marching Band marches into season


McDaniel’s Photography

EXCITEMENT. The marching band starts to prepare for the upcoming season. On Tues., Apr. 3, the group held an open house where they introduced the show’s theme as well as gave students a chance to meet other students. The ensemble is working towards having more people sign up this year than last time, allowing for new opportunities.

Even though the marching band season does not officially start until May, the group is well on its way to prepare for the season and to be able to have everything ready.

On Tues., Apr. 3, the ensemble held an Open House for Marching Band as a way to introduce new members to experienced ones as well as a time for the leaders to announce the upcoming show’s theme.

“I think this season is going to be really nice. I feel like we are growing and changing for the good, and we are really moving in a better direction,” said Jacquelynn McGraw, 10.

The night involved students eating pizza and also conducting a “scavenger hunt” to allow them to meet other people from their grades and the other grades as well.

While the students met each other, parents were in another room and were also given the chance to not only meet other parents but some of the directors too such as Mrs. Tonni Jobe, who will be the new Color Guard director.

“I am excited about this upcoming show because it features music from a movie, and I think it is cool that we will get the opportunity to play it,” said Olivia Jobe, 10.

After greeting the members, both the parents and students came together to watch a video that was similar to a movie trailer. This video featured pictures of clues before finally releasing the new theme.

The 2018 marching band theme will be “Prehistoric” and will feature music from the movie “The Land Before Time.”

When the name of the show was released, everyone was enthusiastic and cheered with excitement.

“I am excited because this show will include recognizable music, which will hopefully help people get our show stuck in their heads,” said Marie Baldwin, 10.

Marching Band director Mr. Jim Blankenship expressed that the group will be moving towards a new way of performing for this show, but he hopes that the students will be happy and proud of the end product.

It is not too late to sign up for Marching Band, and if interested, students may talk to Blankenship.