Future teachers adapt games for peers


Allyson Bonhaus

ENGINEERS OR TEACHERS? Juniors Mallory Comerford and Aria Oliver build an arch as part of their obstacle course, testing the group’s knowledge of construction. Other games include Giant Pong, a photo booth, a scavenger hunt, and more. Students in the class are working together to have their activities ready by Field Day on May 10. “I can’t wait to see how the kids react as they go through the obstacle course. I just want to make this day as fun for them as I can,” Comerford said.

Students in Teaching Professions Academy (TPA) I are helping prepare for Adaptive P.E. (APE) Field Day on May 10. The peers in TPA I are working together to create different games that students with special needs can use.

Special needs students from Montgomery, Symmes, Maple Dale, and Blue Ash Elementaries will be present as well as the students from Greene School, Jr. High, and SHS.

TPA has brainstormed different ideas for games they will spend the week of April 30 to May 4 creating. The games/activities have to accommodate all students of all abilities.

“Building these items is very cool for me because I’m building it for students that I help,” said Mallory Comerford, 11.

Students are creating an obstacle course, Giant Pong, a mural for students to paint, and more.

“Making these games for APE Field Day is not only super helpful for us as future teachers but it’s great seeing all of the kids enjoy our projects. It’s not often in classes that you get to really apply what you do in a real life situation but with this project we get to see it come to fruition which is really cool,” said Aria Oliver, 11.

The activities will be only some of the multiple games at the Blue Ash Rec Center for APE Field Day. Volunteers include TPA students among other SHS students that may be assistants in the Adaptive PE class.