Seniors celebrate end of year, exploring the grad party tradition


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PARTY. Graduation parties are popular among SHS seniors. Most parties will take place on or after May 19, the date of the graduation ceremony. One of the most popular locations for high school grad parties is parks.

You probably have heard about graduation parties or ‘grad parties’ as most students call them. Maybe you have attended one or are going to attend one. But quite a few students are going to have their own once they graduate from high school.

So grad parties…are you supposed to bring something? Or how do you plan one?


First off, if you are attending a grad party, a gift is not necessary. Of course, this may vary depending on the formality of the occasion or based on how well you know the host of the party.

In terms of dress, again, it depends on how formal the party is. If the party is in a park, for example, a casual outfit would suffice. But if you were in some regal downtown location, a shirt and shorts probably is not the best way to go.


Everybody’s party is dependent on the graduate’s own personal style and taste. Some prefer inviting everyone they have ever talked to while others may just want their close friends and family.

“You just need to start planning early and set the date early because you’ll find out that everyone is going to want to put their grad parties on the same day.

“Pick a date where either there aren’t a lot of people celebrating that day, or if there is a time slot where there aren’t as many parties. This ensures that everybody you invited will be able to attend,” said Stephanie Hong, 12.

A general trend among students is to have a party with your friends. Planning a grad party with your friends helps to reduce costs as well as avoid potential conflicts with other seniors’ grad parties.

“It’s easiest to organize food, drinks, decor, and activities if you’re doing your grad party with other people, but it’s ultimately up to you,” Hong said.

Another crucial element is the location of your party. According to Hong, planning early is still important in this aspect.

“In order to rent out [the shelter at the park], you need to know your date early on. I know some people who had to have their grad parties before graduation even happened because booking was all full,” Hong said.