Band plays at graduation


McDaniel's Photography

PLAY. The graduation band plays music as people file in to sit down in the stands and as the seniors walk in and out of the Cintas Center. The band plays the same pieces every year but small alterations may be made. Each year the band also sends off seniors and cheers for them along with the crowd.

The stands are filled with family and friends of the graduating SHS Class of 2018. However, there is another group of people in all black with shiny instruments in their hands near the right pit of the field house.

The graduation band always plays “Pomp and Circumstance” as the graduates walk down the aisle to enter the stadium, at the Cintas Center at Xavier University as well as other music.

The band selects members from Concert Band to play at the graduation every year and those who play are exempt from the band final exam.

“I really like doing graduation band because I get to see all the teachers and seniors who are graduating and just seeing how they reflect on high school and congratulating them,” said Annette Lee, 11.

However, the graduation ceremony has been moved this year to be on a Sat., May 19, at 9:00 a.m. The graduation ceremony begins early so the band has to arrive at the high school at 6:30 a.m. to go to the Cintas Center together.

“I really like it because the past two yeas we had it on weekdays and I didn’t have time to study for my exams that I had the next day especially because it was at night but now that it’s on Saturday I have more leeway to study,” Lee said.

The graduation band is an important element of the ceremony because they play classic pieces that are symbolic of a traditional graduation. The band practices for about two weeks before the graduation, right after their Spring Concert which was on the evening of May 2.

The band usually consists of 100 members and rides on four busses to go to Cintas Center together. They will be back at the high school to be picked up and go home around 11 a.m.