AP Lang students flip the last page


Hannah Lee

GET COMFY. Junior Jessica Lu reads the AP Lang novel “Station Eleven.” This adventure book has been a favorite amonst many students who take AP Lang. Students’ grades for the discussion board on Blackboard have been based on insight levels, sharing ideas consistently, and creating discussion rather than talking about only one’s own ideas. Many AP Lang students are now moving on to AP Literature and Composition and will be reading their summer reading books and poetry over the summer.

Every English class has assigned literature to read. For freshmen year, “Romeo and Juliet” comes to mind. Sophomore year, “A Tale of Two Cities”, and junior year, AP English Language and Composition (AP Lang) students are finishing the year out with “Station Eleven” by Emily St. John Mandel.

“Station Eleven” is about an apocalypse of the Georgian Flu that wipes out 99% of the Earth’s population. With stories intertwining from pre and post apocalypse mysterious questions and complicated lives tangle around one dramatic death of Hollywood star Arthur Leander.

With the crazy schedule of AP exams, students have been filing in and out of class missing days of school. Because of this, scheduling tasks for classes were difficult. Most AP teachers have been reviewing in classes for the countdown till exams.

However, AP Lang still had to finish their novel. Therefore, AP Lang teachers decided to create an online discussion board on blackboard instead of having a graded discussion in class because not all students were there all the time. So students have been sharing ideas and thoughts under several titled discussions such as “Comics” and “Open Topic.”

Students were encouraged to share comments and create conversations online and they have been having enriching discussions. Even AP Lang teachers have been popping in and joining in the conversations.

Most students in AP Lang enjoyed reading “Station Eleven” as the setting and plot line are interesting and unique.

Before “Station Eleven,” other books read in AP Lang were “Winter’s Bone,” “Hillbilly’s Elegy,” and more. Discussion in classes allowed peers to understand and realize ideas in novels that they were unable to recognize before.