‘The Hate U Give’ goes from book to screen   


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BLACK LIVES MATTER. The novel, “The Hate U Give,” delves deep into the racial controversies and debates that plague our nation. This beloved book is soon to be on screen, and already has great reviews, encouraging teenagers to see a side of this topic that could not otherwise be shown. This film is set to release on Oct. 5 and will be in theaters for a limited time.

Many book to screen adaptations are horrific. All avid readers fear the day that some hot-shot movie producers will butcher their sacred texts, leaving their favorites with low opinions.

Of course, there are some exceptions, such as Harry Potter, “The Hunger Games,” and most recently, “Crazy Rich Asians” (yes, it was a book first).

But the Percy Jackson movies, “The Giver,” and “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” are just a few examples of how untrue movie adaptations can be. It almost feels like the producers either cannot read, or simply choose not to.

These books are treasures that many readers keep close to their hearts, and to have the visual rendition to be nothing but a flop disappoints the reading community. Such amazing books should not have such poor representations.

One of the most popular books of 2017, titled “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas details the life of Starr Carter, an African- American teenager who lives in two conflicting worlds.

In the mornings, she attends a rich, preppy, and mostly white school, and comes home to her poor, black neighborhood.

Though it is difficult, Starr manages her two personas, ensuring her calm and collected facade stays at school and her rowdy and rambunctious personality emerges at home.

Though she has found a balance, however unstable it may be, it eventually shatters.

Starr witnesses a fatal event, which shapes the rest of the novel and causes the rise of several racial debates. The author delves into controversial topics, fragile ideas, and brutally honest themes all while remaining profound, insightful, touching, and entertaining.

“This big, important novel is fueled by vividly drawn characters and large themes of systemic racism and speaking truth to power,” said Mary Quattlebaum according to The Washington Post.

Magnificent writing coupled with excellent takeaways is a recipe for success, so of course, the public has decided that it will do with it what is necessary. Make a movie.

“The Hate U Give,” starring Amandla Stenberg, KJ Appa, and Anthony Mackie, is set to come out on Oct. 5.

Do not worry, my fellow readers- you can stop holding your breath and slide back into your chair. This one is going to be good.

Critics are raving about this film and begging today’s teenagers to witness this creative take on the Black Lives Matter movement that has been so prominent in our world.

“[The film] brings up vital discussions for a society wrestling with a lack of empathy, understanding and tolerance. They’re raising their voices with a cinematic megaphone, and it’s our turn to listen,” said Brian Truitt according to USA Today.

Freshman Anelise Kim is in love with reading and has “The Hate U Give” high up on her list of favorites.

“I’m glad that such a powerful book about police brutality and racism is coming to the screens for all to see and understand… some of the problems that occur… in the real world,” Kim said.

So though we do not know if it will be true to the inspiring and heart-wrenching masterpiece that Thomas has graciously provided to us, it will for sure be a movie to remember. Hopefully, the film world is slowly climbing its way to redemption.