Marching Band pushes through windy weather


Lindsey Brinkman

CONGRATULATIONS. On Sat., Oct. 20, the band went home from their competition with six awards in hand. The group only has two more competitions left but until the very end of the season, they will continue to give their all. “The people in marching band help to make it as fun as it is. Without them, it would not be the same,” said Mitchell Durham, 10.

How many sports can you count that would compete or practice in a 40 mile per hour wind advisory? Not many, right? However, the extreme wind did not stop the SHS marching band from performing on Sat., Oct. 20.

Even though the weather was not fully cooperative, the band continued to do what they always do: give their all. This hard work ethic has helped them grow and improve, which was demonstrated during this competition.

“I enjoy marching band because you learn to work with new people, and learn how to overcome obstacles so that you can be successful competition,” said Logan Hamel, 11.

They competed around 8:00 p.m. then had to sit for an hour in the windy cold. But the wait in the bitter weather was worth it. The group went home with almost every award in their class excluding Best Percussion.

This means they received Best Auxillary, Best Visuals, Best Music, Best General Effect, and first place in their class. Their total score was a 71.9, so they not only won first in their class, but they also earned best overall, also known as Grand Champion.

“Marching Band has taught me a lot, you not only learn about the activity, you learn life skills that you can keep and cherish forever. It is something I am proud to be a part of,” said Arjun Pathe, 10.

Now, the band is seeing what they should work on in preparation for their next competition. The group only has two more left, and then following that, the ensemble will travel to Disney World along with the SHS orchestra.

For more information, please visit the Sycamore Band and Orchestra Boosters website.