‘Chocolate: the exhibition’ entices visitors


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SWEET SENSATIONS. The Cincinnati Museum Center tickles taste buds at its newest exhibition, Chocolate: The Exhibition. Explore the rich history and untold stories of this sweet treat, even taking part in some taste testing on select dates. “I had been [to the exhibit] before but was let down when there was no tasting involved… I’ll be excited to go when there is [tasting],” said Megan Radakovich, 9.

Museums can be a child’s least favorite excursion. Hours upon hours of viewing random historical items and pieces of art that they do not care about can be the most boring activity for someone who could care less.

A Jackson Pollock painting may be just about as interesting as their third-grade art project.

However, there are some museums that send people into excited frenzies, such as the Smithsonian in Washington D.C, The International Spy Museum, also in D.C. as well as the Coke museum in Atlanta, GA.

Now, as surprising as it may sound, Cincinnatians can add the Cincinnati Museum Center to their bucket list.

The railroad station turned museum opened one of its most popular exhibits yet- Chocolate: The Exhibition. Visitors can experience the rich history of the sweet that has captured our hearts.

Learn about the Mayan origination and traditional uses of the chocolate flavor and the evolution of chocolate. Did it always taste sweet? Was it always an orthodox commodity? Why was it kept a secret?

Fast forward to the 18th and 19th century where the recipe was perfected and the production and sale of chocolate widely increased. See many vintage chocolate molds and machines that were actually utilized in the sweet making process.

Also shown are early factory and shop advertisements, including the famous Milton Hershey’s journey into the chocolate industry. Now those are some items that are worth seeing.

“Visitors to the Cincinnati Museum Center… follow the delicacy’s history… [they see] the history of chocolate culture and science from the 10th-century rainforest to its place in modern shops,” said Avery Jennings to Fox19 Now.

The amazing visual displays are not all that this museum offers. On Nov. 17, Dec. 1, and Dec. 8, the exhibit will be holding a tasting from noon to 3 p.m.

Much like wine-tasting, chocolate tasting is an art and a once-in-a-lifetime experience of chocolate tasting with professional chocolatiers.

“The museum aspect seemed slightly boring at first, but the tasting aspect makes me really excited,” said Katrina Schneider, 9.

Though it is not fancy space shuttles, advanced spy gadgets, or the endless flavors of the legendary Coca-Cola, the Cincinnati Museum Center has given us something even better: chocolate.