Band, orchestra play music with magic


Lindsey Brinkman

EPCOT. Two years ago the orchestra and marching band took a trip to Disney World. Unlike this year, the group went to Hollywood Studios instead of Animal Kingdom. “As a sophomore, I have not gone on this trip with the orchestra yet. I am excited to go, but I am dreading the long drive,” said Etienne Mueller, 10.

Not many get to say they performed a concert in Disney Springs, or that they got to march throughout Disney World’s Epcot, however, the orchestra and the marching band are going to get these magical experiences over the weekend.

“I am excited to have the chance to hang out with my friends. Disney is amazing, and I have been anticipating this trip for a long time,” said Emil Barr, 11.

From Wed., Nov. 7, to Sun., Nov. 11, the two groups are going on a trip to Orlando, Florida for not only some fun but also for some amazing experiences.

Each group will get their own performance: a concert for the orchestra, and a parade for the marching band, as well as the chance to work with a professional musician in Disney workshops.

“This will be my second time going on this trip, but I am still excited for the fun, and I can’t wait to perform in Disney Springs,” Barr said.

On the first day, the two groups will go to the Animal Kingdom. The orchestra gets to spend the full day in this park, but a group of the band will have their clinic on this day.

On the second day, the group goes to Epcot. On Friday the marching band has their parade, and they will march throughout the park.

For this parade, they will be playing the usual fight song, but also will perform the first movement from their show “Prehistoric.”

Also on Friday, the rest of the band will have their clinic.

On Saturday the orchestra will perform on the stage located in Disney Springs. This is an interesting experience for students because many do not get the chance to play outdoors otherwise.

After the concert, the orchestra will go to their workshop where they will get the chance to sightread Disney music and learn tips from a Disney musician.

At the end of Saturday, all the students will load onto their buses and start the long drive back home.

Many kids are excited about this trip, and they are looking forward to new experiences.  However, this trip will mark the end of the marching band season which to some students can be saddening.

The group will not practice together again until the summer, but the orchestra is still preparing for their winter concert held in December.

Either way, this trip is very fun for students and will give them many new opportunities.