Students start to prepare for solo, ensemble


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PERFORM. Students in orchestra, band, and choir prepare either a solo or ensemble for the OMEA competition on Sat. Jan 26. After completing their piece, musicians will receive a rating of one to five, with most of SHS students earning a one. “I am excited for solo and ensemble, but I kind of am nervous for it,” said Abigail Motley, 11.

Sat. Jan 26 will be an exciting day for students in orchestra, band, and choir. On that day the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) is hosting the annual solo and ensemble competition.

Students have the opportunity to prepare a solo, ensemble or even both, and then play them in front of a judge. Then, they receive a rating out of five, with one being superior.

“I enjoy competing at OMEA because it helps me improve my playing, and it helps me get over nerves from playing,” said Abigail Motley, 11.

Most of the time students do not get to play in front of others unless they are in a full ensemble. This gives students a time to prepare for that and also gives them a sense of their abilities.

Although not all musicians take pieces to competition, most do. And, often students who take private lessons are expected to at least perform a solo.

“I have been performing a solo since my seventh grade [year], I think it has helped me grow,” said Emil Bar, 11, violist.

In Orchestra, students are given time to practice their ensembles as well as having time with teachers to learn how to perfect their pieces.

All in all, OMEA competitions are a fun experience that gives students a multitude of room to grow and improve.