2019 FFTC Designer Profile

SHS’s thirteenth annual Fashion for the Cure (FFTC) is ready to make its debut. What is FFTC? Check out my last article by clicking here.

As mentioned, the runway show will feature Dragonfly kids alongside high school fashion students wearing custom-designed clothing. Speaking of designers, prior to the show, high school students may enter their designs for judging by Bridal and Formal. Hidden behind each artfully designed garment comes a journey of hard work, long hours and strenuous hand sewing.

Junior Asalya Samieva won the 2019 FFTC designer competition. She takes us behind the scenes and gives us a peek as to what the process truly looks like.

Her inspiration.

“I have long loved Korean culture as well as being a Korea pop(K-pop) fan. I would say that I was most inspired by Korean street style and K-pop.”

Her design process.

“First, I started with making the patterns, which essentially is the blueprint for a garment. Afterwards, I moved on to picking the fabrics. Eventually, I chose to use bold patterned fabrics with a black and white color scheme, all bought from Mood Fabrics, NYC. By this point in the process, it was time to start crafting the garment. Due to the complicated nature of my design, it took me a couple of months to complete each detail, especially because I had to hand sew. Nonetheless, it was all worth it in the end.”

Her specialty.

“To describe my design, I would say that there are three things that stand out. First, the fabric: since I was inspired by street style, I chose to use a modern jaguar print fabric. Next, I decided to kind of invent a new neckline, one I call v-squared(V^2). Lastly, I, of course, had to make sure I added my signature pearls at the end of the straps.”

A future in fashion.

“I’ve been fascinated with drawing and designing clothes since I was 10. I already knew what I wanted to do with my future- fashion design. More specifically, I dream of becoming an influential fashion designer and fashion stylist. Hopefully, I can open my own brand of clothing and work on becoming a great designer. I would love to see my clothes on TV’s.”

To see the winning finished garment, make sure you buy your ticket ASAP. Purchase them at lunch this week or here. You do not want to miss this memorable night of fashion, all to support a really great cause.


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