India unites in mourning, anger


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KASHMIR. The state that has been fought over by the two nations – India and Pakistan, has gone through yet another attack, this time reportedly by Jaish-e-Mohammad, a Pakistan based militant group. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, called the attack a “symbol of the shadow of the inhuman danger hovering over the world.”

Imagine leaving your wife, young kids, and your lovely parents to serve your country in the military. You know that this might be the last time you will ever see them, but you know your duty towards your country comes before that, and you do not get to see them.

No, I’m not making this up. This is a true story of those 46 martyrs who lost their lives on Thurs, Feb. 14. Those men died because of a suicide bomber, reportedly from the terrorist group Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM).

In an unverified video, shot before the attack, the JeM claimed responsibility for the incident by identifying the suicide bomber named Adil Ahmad Dar.

To provide one with a background, JeM is a terrorist group based in Pakistan. This group has been doing notorious activities since the 2000s and has been declared a terrorist organization by India and the United Nations (UN).

The attack that happened on Feb. 14 was known to be the deadliest one for nearly three decades, which says a lot about its impact. Despite this being a time to mourn, Indians united in anger to take revenge against the group responsible for such an incident.

Other countries and organizations also condemned this incident.

The White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently condemned the attack in a press conference “in the strongest terms” and expressed her “deep condolences” to everyone suffering because of this incident.

The UN chief Antonio Guterres called on to India and Pakistan to take “immediate steps” to reduce the amount of tension built up between the two nations, he too “strongly” condemned the incident.

Now, what will happen next between these two nations, and what steps will be taken is something to look out for in the news, for the next couple of days, at least.