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Bhaavya Jha

Bhaavya Jha, Broadcast Editor

   Hello everyone! My name is Bhaavya Jha and I am a senior this year. For my third year in the journalism program, I will be taking upon the role of the Broadcast Editor, managing podcasts and videos for the Leaf. I found myself drawn towards writing in a way which I never possibly imagined. Then, once I came to Sycamore in my sophomore year, I knew that journalism was something I just had to try, even if it was only a one time thing. Through the class, I have found my love for writing, designing infographics and even podcasts, which led me to creating my own position as the Broadcast Editor and needless to say, it certainly has been a memorable experience.

   Now for the part where I tell you my hobbies and interests and bore the life out of you (or not). My sophomore year, I moved to the United States from Malaysia. I have been very fortunate to be able to live and experience different cultures and various traditions, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am fond of traveling. I have been to some beautiful places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and many more! Another thing that I’m really passionate about is writing, specifically, writing poems. I manage a poetry account on Instagram (purplearteries) and regularly practice those skills through journaling in a poetry format. Although my friends could tell you about my love for poetry, they could also tell you about my liking for Korean Pop music, particularly, the boy group, BTS. In fact, I am the co-president of the K-club at SHS, where we do dance workshops and prepare short covers. I think listening to their music, although I do not understand Korean, provides me a sense of individuality- BTS’s music often talks about serious problems and issues like self-love and the power of the youth, which inspires me to continue growing, as a person. I usually stay occupied with schoolwork or my hobbies so I don’t do much outside of school, but I enjoy the occasional volunteering,  gardening in my backyard, or taking photographs in my free time.

   Growing up, I always wanted to do something related to science, and sometime in my early teens, I decided to pursue a career in the medical field. It was not until last year when I took AP Psychology that I decided upon a psychiatrist, which is harder to become than it is to spell. 

   Thank you for reading it this far and sorry not sorry for boring you! I hope you found something interesting while reading about me and the staff members. Please take a look at some of our well-written articles and beautifully designed infographics as you are exploring the website. I assure you that it will be worth the time and will not be disappointing. Have a great day!


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Bhaavya Jha