Getting Reliable News During A Pandemic


Taras Shypka on Unsplash

GETTING RELIABLE NEWS. In times of a pandemic, like the COVID-19, it gets hard to find trustworthy news or even correct information, but worry not. Following these ways to analyze the reliability of a source can prove to be useful.

   The country is on lockdown, everything is in chaos, and everything is confusing, so how can I trust the news I get? 

   The obvious answer is that you need to make sure that the information you have received is from a reliable source, and not something your friend forwarded you through social media or a text. 

   If you found that article on the internet, analyze the website and look for the credentials of the author, whether it is confirmed through multiple sources, and whether the website is a name you have heard of or not. 

   If it is something an account posted on Instagram, look for its credentials. For example, The Leaf’s Instagram account has the organization’s name and a reliable website on which you can see the badges, or awards, The Leaf has earned. You can look for such “official” elements on Instagram or any other social media platform you find such information on.

   Now, what if two sources present contradicting information? There are two methods to determine the answer. First, compare the ethos of both sources. In order to do this, one needs to look for the credentials of both sources and then determine which one is less likely to have made an error. The second method to look for bias. Oftentimes, sources are biased and would report based on their opinions so if you notice anything that directs towards a leaning side the author is taking, then be skeptical of the information and confirm those facts on the Internet.

   All that being said, it is understood that during a pandemic like the COVID-19, it is crucial to obtain information sooner than later and following the above-mentioned ways might take some time. So, here are some reliable sources you can obtain information from:

The World Health Organization can be accessed for healthcare guidelines.

This website is specifically targeted for Ohio and its citizens to gain information regarding the COVID-19.

The Leaf is continuously covering the events, globally and locally, to provide some of the most trustworthy information for SHS students. Along with The Leaf, it is important to be on the lookout for any updates from SHS Administrators as well.

The CollegeBoard website has official updates about AP exams.