Hotel Del Luna brings tears and joy


I WANT MORE. The recently grown popular Korean Drama titled “Hotel Del Luna” has left many fans inawe, but some were disheartened as the ending was not what they wished for. “Its final episode left fans wanting for more, many were not-so-satisfied with the ending,” said Jazmine Media.

Hotel Del Luna is a “tale of old curses, lost souls, and unexpected surprises,” as described by Rakuten Viki, the site that has the show available.


The Korean drama features the popular South Korean singer Lee Ji-Eun, better known by her stage name, IU, and Yeo Jin-Goo, the famous South Korean actor. It revolves around a spooky yet interesting plot, in which a hotel is operated by Jang Man-Wol (IU) and it provides services for ghosts only. There is a human manager, Goo Chan-Seong (Yeo), to maintain the worldly affairs that ghosts cannot deal with, 


The story is filled with humor, bittersweet romance, and some spooky scenes. The story keeps the audience hooked by showing parts of Man-Wol’s past and why she can’t leave this hotel like other ghosts to the afterlife, and by keeping them in suspense until the end about the past life relationship between the two main characters.


Furthermore, there are other romances in the drama and while some bring warmth in hearts, others bring pain. Man-Wol and Chan-Seong’s relationship is one of these, but to find out which it is, you will have to watch it till the end.


I usually enjoy paranormal series and this one had a unique twist on it, so I cherished it quite a lot, however, I was not satisfied with the ending. 


I was not the only one unhappy with how it ended, Senior Asalya Samieva thought that “they could’ve done better with the ending.”


Despite being a little disappointing to fans as they finished the series, there was a buzz throughout the industry about IU’s style; Samieva “used outfits and hairstyles as an inspiration” and so did many others. After all, the Korean style is very popular, especially since so many celebrities are adored in the fashion type. 


All in all, the drama was intriguing at first, but after a certain time, the plot went sideways and did leave many wanting more of the story.  I almost cried, too, but not because it was that awful.