Kamala Harris



VOTE! 2020 candidate, Kamala Harris, has begun her campaign efforts for 2020. During her rallies, Harris makes it a point to express her strong viewpoints on immigration, criminal justice reform, education, and many more. She hoped the be the first Asian-American, African-American, and woman to be the president of the United States. “Any flight- any good fight- is born out of optimism,” Harris said.

Former California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, is a candidate for the 2020 presidential election. She was the second African-American woman to enter the Senate and the first South Asian-American women as well. She worked in the legal system for several years before entering the world of politics in California, working her way up to the federal level where she now has a spot on the judiciary committee where she got to question Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court nomination confirmation. Harris, a Democrat hoping to grab the 2020 seat, has made it her mission to advocate for people who do not have a voice and protect American citizens and their rights. Follow her campaign here.