Gloria Steinem


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FIGHT FOR EQUALITY. Gloria Steinem is a renowned activist and journalist who has worked towards equality for women and children of all races and classes. In the process she has founded several publications and organizations.

Gloria Steinem is most known for her acclaimed work as a journalist, feminist, and political activist. She has traveled around the world organizing and lecturing about equality-related issues. Early on in her career, she was heavily involved in the women’s rights movement in the late 20th and 21st centuries. She is a co-founder of New York magazine, which started after her first major story exposing the hardships of women working as Playboy Bunnies. She then became enthralled in the 1970’s feminist movement, speaking on abortion and women’s rights, which led her to co-found Ms. Magazine. Throughout her life, she has founded several organizations such as Voters for Choice, The Women’s Media Center, and the Women’s Action Alliance that strive to diminish sexism and provide career/ media opportunities for women. Steinem has also written five books and been the subject of a few television series and documentaries covering her role in the women’s rights movement.