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Deeya Prakash

REPRESENT. Among the new Student Council delegates, two of them are members of our very own journalism program. Junior Lydia Masset (left) and sophomore Maddie Suh (right) are grateful and honored to selected, and hope to develop their leadership skills in order to ensure a greater SHS. In addition, previously covered freshman Katie Mott (not pictured) has also been selected to represent the sophomore class next year. “I am honestly super excited and relieved that I got elected,” Mott said.

   Yesterday, every single SHS student cast a ballot for the annual Student Council Election, voting on which six students from their class would represent them for the upcoming school year. After a night filled with nail biting anticipation, the results are finally in.

  The delegates for next year are as follows:

  Rising Sophomores:, Lauren Ann Barnes, Chloe Gordon, Peyton Harmon, Erica Liff, Ethan Masset, Katie Mott

  Rising Juniors: Reagan Becker, Zoe Brown, Ella Burgess, Alaina Delsignore, Cynthia Kudatsi, Rohan Palanikumar, Maddie Suh, Aryan Vaidya

  Rising Seniors: Lily Banke, Hannah Bruns, Grace Deppert, Andre Hart, Madison Humphrey, Lydia Masset, Grace Mirande, Dev Saxena

Among these delegates, two are members of our very own program, and one is an aspiring writer. After her successful election, communications director Lydia Masset is extremely excited to begin her new position as a senior representative.

  “I am so excited. I cannot wait to spend another year serving my school… my community, and giving a voice to the student body,” Masset said.

  She plans on taking initiative in SHS’s annual blood drive, plan a successful homecoming dance, and continue to donate to charity as Student Council has done in the past.

  Lead editor Maddie Suh has been interested in being a part of a leadership team such as this for quite some time, though this is the first year she has ran. She will be beginning next year on student council with high aspirations, and plans on taking big steps.

  Her main goals are to “help [her peers] and represent them well,” whether that is in organization, planning or just generally helping around the building.

  Though not a part of the journalism program, this freshman is an aspiring author, who dreams of becoming a world-famous poet. Conquering contests and crushing her classes, Katie Mott has always had a knack for winning. She has been a part of the Student council initiative since her fifth grade year, and has been elected yet again to represent. Mott loves involving herself with student-led organizations and leadership opportunities. She looks forward to continuing to put her best effort toward representing the class of 2022 as well as increasing school spirit around the building.

  Many congratulations to the winning students; they will represent their respective classes in the 2019-2020 school year. Not a bad year for us writers!